Books + Vacation = STRESS?

I know it should be the opposite reaction… but I’m totally stressing over vacation. 

… and I shouldn’t be. 

… because the vacation is basically FREE. 

Here’s the scoop: 

My sister-in-law loves to go on cruises. 

Nothing exciting happens on these cruises… She lounges on a cabana in the ‘adult only’ area, sips margaritas, and reads. 


“Sounds horrible,” I told her when she called me earlier this week. “The only thing worst would be if the cast of Magic Mike was serving you those margaritas.” 

“I’ll email them with that request,” she said. 

(we get along great, her and I, if you can’t tell…) 

Then she asked if I wanted to go with her… 

… and the cruise is 100% already paid for! 

(Apparently having two people in a cabin costs the same as having one person in a cabin and when she thought “read books all day” my name came to mind… all the writing is finally paying off, ladies!)  

Clearly, I said yes (and a thousand and one thank yous).

But I immediately started stressing about the books I’d need to take! 

(I know, go ahead and laugh… someone offers you a free vacation and your brain goes, “Oh, no! The books! I must plan the books!!!” 😂) 

Maybe it’s a reader thing. I’m confident I can figure it out in the coming months 😜

We still haven’t heard back on that Magic Mike thing though…

I guess no vacation is perfect 😁


Hope this finds you with a giant TRB list!

Hugs and happy reading,

Olivia ❤️😘

Things that Stress Readers Out 

Cope with Reality

I can’t even last a day without reading! 

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I’m Not Going 

Right? Same condition!

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Knowledge is Power

I’ll go for heavy knowledge 😉 

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Same thought! 

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Extra Book

This is why it’s not easy to travel!

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PS. Okay, I saw this, died laughing, and HAD to share it with you!

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