Books so hot, your kindle might explode.

It’s been getting HOT here in Arizona (Summer is coming) and all my poor flowers in the front yard are struggling. 

I get it. 

I would wilt if I sat in the sun all day too. 

So I went and bought some mint to replace a few of the sadder-looking plants (meaning… they’re dead and crispy and probably a fire hazard) before the neighbors start to complain. 

Well… I was ripping out roots and shoving in new things when one of those said neighbors walks by. 

“How lovely,” she says. (which I think is code for ‘Thank GOD you finally fixed those and are no longer a disgrace to the neighborhood’) .. “Are you planting an herb garden?” She nods at my mint. 

“Um, why yes. Yes, I am.” (That’s me, eloquent as always.) “Who doesn’t love herbs?” 

“It’s the mark of a true foodie,” she tells me with a co-conspiratorial smile before she walks away. 


Yeah, I’m not a foodie. 

… This mint is for mojitos. 

And ‘spicy margaritas’ 

(… but I think I’m already labeled the ‘crazy one’ in the neighborhood so decided to just roll with the ‘foodie’ thing) 

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Cheers! & happy reading my friend! 

All my love, 

Olivia 😘

Books and Drinking 

(Both in the various platforms)

Books Over Drinks?

Depending on the day & my mood of course 😉

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Wine & Books

Such a perfect duo.

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I Will Survive

I’ve tried… I also need the wines 🙂

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Keep Fighting

My daily do-or-die philosophy 🙂

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