All I want for Christmas is books PLUS great Christmas gift ideas for readers

Last year, I was SO on it for Christmas! 

I knew exactly what I wanted.  

The same thing I always want…

MORE reading material 😁

(also, more wine, but that’s why God invented Costco) 

I gave my husband a list. 

My best friend and I exchanged a list.

(… Yes, this was just us, using each other as excuses to buy the books we wanted… Which worked great and  is the base that all REAL friendships should be built on!)

And guess what??? 

I got a TON of books! And all of them are ones I really, really want to read! (Let the trumpets sound!) 

Then this year happened… 

… and let’s just say I’m not as “organized” as I was last year. 

I’m going with “creative expression” to describe most of my year, but especially my approach to Christmas. 

I’m not saying that everyone on my list is getting a gift card that I picked off the kiosk at the grocery store… but there is a strong possibility that may be the extent of my holiday shopping this year.

I guess I’ll have to buy myself the books 😁 Life’s rough, my friend! 

Hugs and my your all your gift’s be square, book-shaped packages! 

Olivia ❤️ 😘

Gift Ideas for Readers

(for anyone who is more on top of the holidays than I am)

Coffee Mug

The mug every reader needs! (Plus, I should get a sign or two made up)


Okay, I LOVE these personalized bookmarks! How pretty and unique a gift are these?!?! 


A bag dedicated to books! Perfect for grocery runs or raids on your local used bookstore 😂

Night Lamp

A night lamp for bookworms??? Um, yes, please? 

Wine Glass

Haha, reading between the “wine” at 3 am 😂

Wine Glass

Thoughts, ponderings, rants?
Feel free to hit “reply” and shoot me a note back (FYI – this is my personal email address)  

Have a great week and talk soon!

Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. Because there’s always one more that I find and have to toss in at the end!