11 Problems That Only Make Sense to Bookworms

The struggles of a bookworm… 

… be it forgetting the name of a book you read forever ago (that was amazing!) and no matter how much you try, you can’t remember the title…

.. or my current drama of the eternal on-hold zone of library ebooks. (What do you mean the approx. wait time is 47 weeks?!?!) 

… or (and I hesitate to even mention this one) …

… your favorite character dies. 

(Why, God, why???? We had such a grand thing going and now I’ll miss you terribly!)  

We’ve all been there, my friend. 

Take solace in your fellow book-lovers (we’re here for you!) and check out my current list of 11 problems that will only make sense to readers…

Book Hangover

Can you also relate to this? because this is my #1 problem after finishing a book!

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More Books!

To infinity and beyond!!!

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Do Not Disturb

When you want to finish  a book and your friends/family keeps interrupting 😂

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Every Book Nerd’s Wish

I 100% can relate to this!

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I’ve done this couple of times! 😂

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The Injustice 

Oh, I hate this part!

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The Struggle 

Ugh, been there, done that! 😂

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Real Deals

When trying to balance wants vs needs! 😂

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Sad Part

Haha! Like seriously? Of all the characters!??

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Fun Part

This is one of the reasons I try not to read books in a public place 😂😂

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Oh, story of my life! 😂

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That’s all for today, my friend. Hope this email brought you smiles and have a happy weekend reading!

Thoughts, ponderings, rants? Feel free to hit “reply” and shoot me a note back (FYI – this is my personal email address)  
Have a great week and talk soon!

Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. Alright, just ONE more that I had to throw in at the end because it made me laugh so much! (this was 100% me as a child!) 

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