❤️ Top 7 Books Romance Readers were **Obsessed** with When We Were Kids

I don’t know when you started your reader journey,
but I’ve had my nose stuck int eh pages of a book for AS LONG
as I can remember…

Going to one of my brother’s soccer matches?
Bring a book

Family vacation to the lake?
Bring a book.

Suppose to be doing my homework?
Yeah… I was probably reading instead 🙂

Such are the exciting lives of us bookworms!
Was I born this way??? Probably. 

Will I always be this way? Unquestionably!
(it is normal to have “new books”
as a line in the monthly family budget, right?!?!) 

But this week I was wondering to myself,
“Besides my over-active imagination…
where, o’ where, did it all this book-obsessing start?”

So I went deep-diving into my (and my friends)
childhood libraries to hunt down the books that made us the
**Obsessed**  readers we are today! In no particular order…

Please enjoy & happy reading!

#1: The Most Famous Girl-detective
of All Time

Nancy Drew Mysteries

by Carolyn Keene, Edward Stratemeyer

Because the Hardy Boys were too easy to solve. 

Plus, Nancy always had the best hair. I was rocking
Nancy Drew’s haircuts for quite a while in my younger years.
(Is this style back again? Maybe I should take a book with me to my
next hair appointment as an example🙂 )

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#2: Collection of Clever and Hilarious Poems

Where the Side Walk Ends

By Shel Silverstein

This book instantly takes me back to childhood and it never gets old!
The silly and sometimes touching poems always make me smile. 

If you have never read this book, you’ve been living in a cave.
A sad, empty, dark cave.
Copies of this book are required for kids and adults alike. 

Photo Credit: Good reads

#3: Sibling Relationships

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

by Judy Bloom 

After reading this book for the first time
I finally felt like someone understood how ANNOYING
it was to have little brothers.
(… and to love them, too, of course) 

#4: Wild Horse’s Gentle Colt

Misty Of Chincoteague

by Marguerte Henry

And so started my healthy little-girl obsession with horses
(First, love? Probably)

(Photo Credit: Simon & Schuster)

#5: Ambitious & Resourceful Kids

The Boxcar Children

by Gertrude Chandler Warner

I think these were the first chapter books I read when I was a kid!
I remember my second-grade teacher would read them
out loud to us as a class after recess and I never wanted
to wait another day to find out what happened
so I’d rush home and read ahead in my own books. 

(Photo Credit: FantasticGC Fiction)

#6: Baby Sitting Adventure

The Babysitters Club

by Anne M. Martin

When the Scholastic Book Fair showed up,
I knew EXACTLY what I wanted 🙂
Fun stories with just the right amount of suspense 

… the funny thing is, looking back,
all the girls in the stories are twelve years old.
When I read these books,
I use to always think they were sooo grown up! 

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#7: The Blond Twins

Sweet Valley High

by Francine Pascal

I will never forget that good sister vs bad sister moments!
The teenage hormonal drama and their summer adventures. 
Oh, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield! I love them both!

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Thoughts, pondering, rants?
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Have a great week and talk soon!

Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. Okay, I saw this, died laughing, and HAD to share it with you 🙂

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