[❤️ FOR READERS ONLY ❤️] July Top funny Book-ish moments in the past 30 days!

Alright, my friends, I CAN’T BELIEVE that half a year is already gone!!! (July/ Aug always have that effect on me)

But my TBR pile is actually getting a good working-through (as it ever-increases… cause I always end up buying more books. It can’t be helped)

So far I’m at about 50 reads for the year… right are target to hit 100 over-all for 2020 🙂 What about you??? I know some of you have blasted past me already and are into the triple digits (You rock on, my reader friend! One day, I will be you!) 

To celebrate all the words with our half-year mark, I’ve pulled together my favorite bookish moments of fun things I’ve found roaming the wilds of the internet over the past 30 days.

Please enjoy, let your reader-heart dream, & as always, happy reading!

Top Bookish Moments of the Month:

Been practicing for years. 😁

Like all the time! 😂

Um, of course. Doesn’t everyone do this??? 😂

Why books are Amazing 😍

I’ve been planning to build a bookshelf at our new house and this one is way too cool!!
(had to share) 

What You May Have Missed

My Current Favorite Instagram Find 😃

Reading will save you so much energy 😉

…. andddd second favorite 😁

On point!! 

Thoughts, ponderings, rants?
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Have a great week and talk soon!

Your book-addict partner in crime,
❤️ Olivia Savage

PS. One more before you go! 😆

 Reading saves the day!!